Pristine Audio Posters

The best vintage audio images made BIG !

“The more we remember, the more we dream, the more we are.

The Idea

Pristine Audio Posters is the hobby of a professional photographer. A hobby done by the most skilled technician for what this is : preserving the best images related to vintage audio from the 50s to the 90s, and printing them on 17" posters on luxurious paper.

The source for the images come from my own collection of vintage audio catalogs and magazines gathered since 2002 for the project which was launched in 2004. Thousands of them sourced from the US, Japan and Europe and all chosen for their artistic qualities. Sometimes for their quaintness. And even schmaltzy perspective :)

Many magazines have used images coming from me simply because the brands themselves have kept very little if nothing from their past activities.

Style & Quality

The Pristine Audio Posters offerings are spread in three categories, Gear, Mood and Pinup. They can can be browsed through together or separately.

Besides artistic qualities, the images are chosen for their technical attributes as well. Not everything can be enlarged to 17" size and remain beautiful ; no image that was originally badly printed will be processed : pristine is pristine is perfect.

100% Handmade

This is a handmade, painstaking process to preserve the best images in the best possible way : scanning while respecting the original screening grid so that nothing more is lost in the process, doctoring and printing only with the best gear, all in a calibrated environment : Eizo monitors, Imacon and Epson scanners, Epson printers and Hahnemühle papers.